Senora TBN es mas bonita que todos ellos gatos en el mundo!
Ms TBN's ability to respond to Spanish conversation is celebrated in this phrase, by Paul Letham, her Secondary CareGiver !

Ms.TBN watches the Flying Saucer come in for a landing. Po' li'l green men have absolutely no idea .... :-)
This is the secret of Ms.TBN svelte figure - Calisthenics !
Like any good commander, Ms.TBN checks the Blind Spot before commencing the attack sequence on the boogie mouse ...
Achtung Jabo ! The li'l Typhoon pounces on the terrified mice column !
Aerial Reconnaisance Frame One : Possible extremely high cuteness concentration confirmed !
Thats she and Chris, her human. The fastest way to convert a T Shirt into a fur coat, process patented by Ms.TBN :-)
RULE BRITANNIA ! She has a lot in common with her bigger cousin :-)
Hmmmm...lemme see..... the right will take me further along the fence....the left is an exit ....
TermiCATor II ! Ready to engage with shoulder-launched fur-rocket ...3...2...1....
Mommy ! Mommy ! Look at me balance on this .....
TANTRAAAAA ! The Monarch of All She Surveys ! All Hail, Ms.TBN !
Ms.TBN practises for the Annual Mousing Competitions...
The cutest cat in the burg graciously turns to pose for the camera!
The Queen and the Princesses Royal !
TBN died 11th April 2002. Thank you Scott and to the staff at the North Shore Veterinary Hospital for caring for her in her last days. She will be sadly missed.